Vaping is More Eco-Friendly Than Smoking Cigarettes

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Vaping Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW Vaping, Best Vaping Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW Best VapingThere is a long running joke about people vaping and while the arguments over which is better may just come down to a matter of preference, there is one convincing argument to make a change from buying a packet of cigarettes to purchasing a vape; the environment. Now don’t roll your eyes, you cannot deny that the world is changing, and that reducing waste is a hot commodity. We are in a time where eco-friendly is the way forward and reusable products are at the forefront of production. If you are one of those people who have already switched over their coffee cup, their straws and the rest of their cutlery…but are still smoking cigarettes, just how environmentally conscious can you claim to be?

The image of a straw in the nose of a turtle caused a global stir; leading to many big companies, including McDonalds, to rethink providing plastic straws for their customers. Well if you think straws are the enemy, wait till you hear about the environmental impact of cigarette butts! The Ocean Conservancy states that cigarette butts are the most collected piece of trash on ocean cleans up. Pretty shocking huh?

Why is this an issue? Well the chemicals from the cigarette butts leak into the sand, water and all the surrounds- eventually poisoning the marine life. We aren’t just talking about the oceans though. Discarded cigarette butts can cause fires, contaminate the environment back on dry land and really, they are just kind of an eye sore.

As a society, we have been slowly rectifying the issue of single use plastic. We have metal straws, keep cups, single use items switching to materials like wood, bamboo toothbrushes, banning of plastic bags…if there is an environmental initiative to get behind, it has been the socially conscious and not mention, it’s a pretty trendy thing to get around. If we are making these efforts, what are the eco-friendly alternatives to smoking cigarettes? Are we asking you to quit? No not that extreme but there is one thing that you can do to minimize the environmental impacts of smoking…vaping.

How is vaping more environmentally friendly you may ask? Well glad you did ask because it is, and the main reason is the one solution that we’ve been using for every eco-friendly alternative; re-usable. Since a pen is reusable, it minimizes the environmental impact of smoking. Not only does it reduce the problem of waste, but it also addresses other ways cigarettes are harmful to the environment. Air pollution/second-hand smoke? E-Cigarettes only need a small amount of vapour, so they do not emit as much toxins and pollution into the air. Not only this, most have rechargeable batteries, so you do not even have to worry too much about the waste associated with battery disposing.

If you are on the fence about switching from tradition cigarettes to e-cigarettes/vaping, here is some food for thought. While the health benefits and impacts are still being discussed, there is no denying how making the switch can influence our environment for the better. In short…save the turtles, switch to a vape.

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*Vaping may be as harmful to your health as tobacco cigarettes, please conduct your own research & vape at your own risk.

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