Long Term Effects of Switching to E-Liquids in Sydney NSW

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Congratulations! After switching to the e-liquids of vape, you’ve made it to almost a year into kicking the smoking habit. You definitely have noticed a lot of positive changes in your body. But guess what? Beautiful things have just begun. What if you think of the long term effects of quitting smoking? We’re talking five, ten, fifteen years here.

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For a better understanding of the following blog, let’s have a rundown of the medical terms you will encounter as we go along.

  • Cardiovascular System, another term for which is the circulatory system. It consists of the heart and all the blood vessels.
  • Cardiovascular Disease is a condition that involves the narrowing or blocking of the blood vessels by the accumulation of cholesterol and fatty deposits (plaque) on their interior walls. It also involves the sudden rupture of a plaque and formation of a blood clot which can block an artery supplying blood to vital organs like the brain and heart.
    • Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack and Stroke are a few conditions that fall under cardiovascular diseases.
    • Some of the major risk factors include:
      • Smoking
      • Unhealthy diet
      • Physical inactivity
      • Overweight/obesity
      • Diabetes
      • Hypertension
      • High bad cholesterol
      • Low good cholesterol

To reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the following are recommended:

  • Refrain from smoking – nicotine causes narrowing of the blood vessels, making smoking a major risk factor
  • Eat healthy – reduce your intake of cholesterol-rich food and specifically avoid processed foods
  • Move that body – exercise according to your physical and health status
  • Watch your weight – exercise and healthy eating is a good place to start
  • Manage stress levels – there are various techniques to do this, find what suits you best

The therapeutic transformations your body undergoes… 

One Year After Smoking Cessation

The risk of cardiovascular disease is particularly high in smokers. But after about a year of quitting, your risk drops by 50%.

Five Years After Smoking Cessation

Within five years of smoking cessation, your chances of succumbing to a heart attack or stroke are markedly diminished. Toxins from tobacco smoke, nicotine and carbon monoxide cause constriction of the blood vessels. These chemicals also increase the likelihood of developing plaque and blood clots within the arteries, consequently leading to diminished or no blood flow at all. The carbon monoxide depletion in your bloodstream that takes place upon cessation of smoking will gradually revert this unhealthy state of your blood vessels to a more stable one thereby guarding against the probability of cardiovascular accidents.

Ten Years After Smoking Cessation

Numerous and varied studies have proven that almost 90% of lung cancer-related mortality results from tobacco smoking. Fortunately, the risk of developing cancer of the lungs and other major organs is cut down by 50% in those who have been tobacco-free for at least ten years as compared to those who are still in the habit. Vapour from e-liquids, in contrast with tobacco smoke, does not contain noxious chemicals or carcinogens. 

Fifteen Years After Smoking Cessation

Non-smokers typically live 10 years longer than tobacco smokers. But the good news is, within fifteen years of quitting tobacco smoking your body has virtually healed itself and would be as good as that of someone who never smoked at all. Lung function, circulation, and cardiovascular status would all have been restored by this time. Your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke has immensely been reduced to that corresponding to a non-smoker.

The status of your cardiovascular system is to a great extent dictated by your lifestyle. Much of the cardiovascular diseases could be prevented if you would seriously avoid the major risk factors. Providentially though, even when some injuries have been sustained, the human body has the ability to mend and rejuvenate,nevertheless, smoking must be stopped at once. There are numerous aids and alternatives to help quit smoking long term, one of which is vaping e-juices. 

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