Re-buildable VS Pre-made Coil Tanks

Re-buildable Coil VS Pre-made Coil

Re-buildable VS Pre-made Coil Tanks

Re-buildable VS Pre-made Coils ? When you start getting into the realm of vaping, a lot of terms and products come up. One you will surely run into will be the Rebuildable Coil (RBA, RDA, RTA) vs Premade Coils. From here we will refer to Rebuildable Tanks with the general term of RBA, which is an Acronym for ReBuildable Atomizer.

To put it simply, Premade Coils are designed to work with the Atomizer they were manufactured for while Rebuildable Coils refers to the general term of rebuilding any tank.

Most users who will come to the Vape world will often encounter the Rebuildable Coil vs Premade Coil Tanks and immediately become overwhelmed with information when diving deep into the two. I know when I personally started vaping that I was overwhelmed by the terms and never thought I would see myself using a Rebuildable Tank.

Simple or max benefits?

For the sake of simple, every day to day use, whwn choosing between Re-buildable VS Pre-made Coils, the Premade Coil system is the way to go. They’re easy to use, they require no assembly, they last a good amount of time, they give good amount of vape and flavour. For most users, this meets and exceeds all of their vaping needs.

On the other hand we have the Rebuildable coil which has a benefits in almost all aspects of vaping for those who seek the particular benefits. The two biggest pluses I personally noticed when moving from Premade Coils to Rebuilable Tanks was the depth of flavour and the cost effectiveness in the long run. Sure it is a little fiddly but when you get the hang of understanding the technical side, such as proper wicking technique, coil resistance measurement and maintenance, the whole procedure becomes simple.

When diving into the world of Re-buildable VS Pre-made Coils, you’ll find that most people who chase the big vape clouds and the better taste quality will automatically jump to the Rebuildable Coil bandwagon. When you do follow the trend, you’ll also notice you will acquire more hardware and tools. I find that in my day to day kit, I have the following items: Coil Wire or Coils, Wicking Cotton, OHM measuring device (this is critical when you do mech mods), wire snips, coil winders, an assortment of tweezers and scissors.

More maintenance for better flavour

Some users find that their Rebuildable Coil gunks up. This is largely due to how many times the coil is used, or often not used, and also poor maintenance. The formulation of quite a few vape juices could also affect the lifespan of a coil. For example, I use a vape juice called “Minty Mango”, this ruins coils while another juice I use called “Ice Menthol” runs ultra clean. Generally speaking, I would change the cotton in my rebuildable tank at least once every two weeks. Some people will change the cotton as soon as they notice a decline in flavour depth while others will push it to the limit. The big benefit of changing the cotton sooner rather than later is you will find that your coils will last longer. When you do change your cotton, it is critical to note that you should “burn off” your coil when there is no cotton in it. This is basically heating up the coil and letting it glow red for a second or two. It will often let you get more life and flavour depth out of your build.

Depending on the style of tank you have, when using rebuildable tanks which do not have exposed juice levels, you must be extra cautious not to burn your cotton. This is essentially running the vape dry and causing the cotton to burn. We’ve all done it a few times but we do come to understand when our vape needs topping up. This isn’t to say you cannot burn a premade coil, so it is essential you check vape levels.

I do hope this article gives you a little more depth to the topic of Re-buildable VS Pre-made Coils. There is much more to cover when it comes to actually building the deck but often the best way to learn is hands on. With practice comes perfection and when you get the balance right, you’ll be making big clouds in no time!


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