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Electronic Cigarettes in Sydney NSW are rapidly gaining popularity as the new approach to quitting smoking or as an alternative to traditional smoking with the ultimate goal of reducing smoking-related health problems.

E-Cigarettes vapour Against Tobacco Smoke       

E Cigarette Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW E Cigarette, Best E Cigarette Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW Best E Cigarette

Vape juice and tobacco have only but one thing in common, nicotine (which is optional and is not even encouraged in Australia). Vape Juice without the nicotine only has ingredients that are safer for humans to ingest.

Smoke is produced by lighting a cigarette while vapour is created by vapourizing vape juice in an e-cigarette. And though they may look very much alike, they are quite disparate in composition, essence and consequently, effects on your health.

Let us look into how they are produced, their chemical makeup and how they can affect your well-being.

Smoking a cigarette automatically involves lighting up a fire in order to burn the tobacco leaves and thus produce smoke. Unfortunately, the smoke that you (and those around you) inhale is laden with thousands of chemicals at least 70 of which have been established to cause severe health conditions like cancer, heart diseases and lung diseases.

The process of burning tobacco leaves and producing smoke is a chemical reaction called combustion. Along with smoke, combustion also brings forth thousands of new and harmful chemical elements that are different and not originally found in the substance originally burned. Simply stated, burning a substance or lighting something on fire, severely transforms its chemical composition, creating multitudes of substances which are hazardous and may even be fatal for you. Some notorious carcinogenic chemicals generated by the combustion of tobacco leaves include cyanide, benzene, and ammonia, while nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and tar are but a few of the poisonous substances forged the same way.

Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas found in car and other engine fumes that can build up indoors and poison anyone who breathes it. We’ve all heard about some people dying inside their garage because of a car engine left on.

Tar, a resin-like substance, causes much damage to the lungs and to the teeth as well. It is also a component of smoke that results in the offensive odour lingering and clinging to your hair, fingers, and clothing. The yellowish staining that builds up on your teeth, fingers and even fabrics walls and furniture, also points to this culprit.

Some researches have also demonstrated that smoke may contain radioactive materials based on the soil the tobacco plants were grown in and fertilizers used to grow them. These radioactive materials can cram in your lungs and other vital organs causing serious detriment to your health.

Vapour, on the other hand, is tobacco-free and does not involve fire or burning, only vapourization. Vapourization is the process in which a liquid turns into a gas at a temperature lower than its point of combustion. Unlike combustion, vapourization does not create any new and pernicious compounds that could quite adversely affect your health. The chemical makeup of vapour, though in a gaseous state, is exactly the same as that of the liquid that gave rise to it. So accordingly, vape juice which typically contains water, Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food-grade colouring and nicotine (optional), all of which are FDA approved for human consumption, produce a vapour that is not much more than a pure cloud or steam. No combustion or burning took place therefore, the vapour generated will comprise the same food-grade (except nicotine) composition as its liquid counterpart.

Odour is hardly an issue with vapour as it is less intrusive and dissipates within minutes. It is generally fragrant due to its aromatic flavouring and since vapour has no tar content, there is no risk of the scent clinging to you the whole day.

Taking all the aforementioned into consideration and as determined by studies and research, those who have quit smoking and vapourized instead are presumptively at a much lesser risk of acquiring smoking-related illnesses and are generally healthier.

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*Vaping may be as harmful to your health as tobacco cigarettes, please conduct your own research & vape at your own risk.

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