3 Most Common Styles of Mods Available in Electronic Cigarettes Store

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be talking about the different types of mods there are on the market. There are literally hundreds of different units out there and we cannot cover them all but generally speaking there are 3 styles of mods. The 3 most common styles of mods are Pen, Regulated Mods and Mech Mods. I will go over the key difference between each style and who these styles would suit.

The first mod we’ll cover is the Pen Style mod. The Pen Style mod is the simplest and most basic style of mod available in the vape world. Most people who are looking to quit smoking will find themselves at their local tobacconist and see plenty of these style of vapes available on the shelf. The key advantages of these mods are their price point and their ease of use. These kits can usually be picked up for under $50. They look great, they fit well in the pocket, they’re simple to use and for the most part will do everything your average smoker looking to quit smoking needs.

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The Pen Style mod is also seen as a “vape starter kit”. The batteries for these mods are usually built in and non-replaceable. They’ll usually come with a spare coil and a charging cable which generally plugs right into your USB port. The power of these mods is usually kept low and is regulated (we’ll touch on regulated mods next). As the battery power begins to drop, so does the vape power. Pen Style mods usually do not consume a lot of e-juice in comparison to Regulated or Mech mods.

The next style of mod in our list is the Regulated Mod, another name these mods could fall under is a Box Mod. The Regulated Mod/Box Mod is given its name due to its shape and the way it functions. Regulated means it will control and keep output power consistent. The key difference with the Regulated Mod vs the Pen Style mod is that the Regulated Mod/Box Mod will allow you to change the power output on the fly and are capable of supporting a wide range of tanks. The fitting on the top of a Regulated Mod is known as a 510 adapter. Any 510 tank will fit any 510 compatible mod.

Key benefits of the Regulated Mod are power output, which in turn provides more vapour, ability to use any compatible tank, replaceable batteries and adjustability. Most vapers who are new to the scene will not immediately find themselves using a Regulated style mod but those who turn vaping into a hobby will find themselves down this route.

Now onto the last style of mod, the Mech Mod. Short for Mechanical Mod, the Mech Mod does not have any regulation. Put it simply, the only bridge there is between the positive terminal and the negative terminal (apart from the activation switch) is the coil itself.  If you’ve ever read the horror stories of vapes exploding, it’s usually a Mech Mod involved. This is because the Pen Style and Regulated Mod are both regulated whereas the Mech Mod is not. When the button is pressed, all the power is drawn by the coil to heat it up. The critical points to safely using a Mech Mod are ensuring the batteries you plan to use suitable for the coils and resistance you plan to use. If a battery depletes too quickly, it will become unstable and overheat. If the battery becomes too hot, it could be extremely dangerous. The Mech Mod world is only recommended to those who seek the knowledge of how to do it and how to do it safely.

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Are there benefits to Mech Mods? To the average user, I would have to say no. The only real people who would benefit from a Mech Mod are those chasing the custom builds for the purpose they need. These are mostly users who run big coils who want to make big vape clouds with their vapes.

In summary, the key differences between the Pen Style, Regulated Mod and Mech Mod are the abilities to change settings, use different mods, or draw big power. I would recommend to most beginners, those on a budget or those who want something easy to start with the Pen Style mod. Those who want more power and flexibility would definitely go Regulated Mod/Box Mod. Leave the Mech Mod to the experts!

Happy Vaping!

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*Vaping may be as harmful to your health as tobacco cigarettes, please conduct your own research & vape at your own risk.

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