To SMOK Rather Than to Smoke

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SMOK (/smōk/; simply pronounced as “smoke”), a leading brand in the electronic cigarette market, produced by Shenzhen IVPS Technology Company Limited, is the result of years of extensive research and development. Having gone through numerous verifications and certifications, you can be assured that their products are safe and secure and can be used without risks. 

IVPS’s recent move to judiciously invest in Shenzhen Wotofo Tech. Co., Ltd., an established name in the vaping industry, created a great opportunity to further boost its development by significantly enhancing their already exceptional products and marketing services. 

SMOK has become one of the rising stars in the world of vape. Sydney is not an exception. SMOK focuses on e-cigarettes products, particularly vape mods designed for different types of vapers in different kinds of technological levels. SMOK’s passion is in making its customers healthy and happy, which is why the products they manufacture are meant to “empower” a healthier lifestyle. iVape.Sydney is one of the leading suppliers of SMOK brand in Sydney NSW.

A unique aspect of SMOK is that it gathers vaping enthusiasts from different countries through an official mobile application called Vaping Tour where you can meet other vapers even from far off places, make friends and share experiences. It is basically a social media platform for the vaping community. It is possible to download the application in Google Play or  Apple Store.

The World of SMOK

When it comes to the mods of SMOK, they are one-of-a-kind, innovative and definitely one of the most advanced. With several types of mods and countless combinations of technological breakthroughs unlike any other, SMOK offers more than what meets the eye. It is no wonder this brand is becoming more and more highlighted in the vaping world.

An example of a very original invention is that of the G-PRIV 3. The latest and most upgraded of the G-PRIV series. The box mod is armed with the IQ-G chipset which is able to deliver 230 watts of power. To make it even more awesome is the touch screen that can show you all the information that you need with just one click. It is also equipped with the latest TFV16 Lite Tank which contains two new mesh coils―Dual Mesh Coil and, powered by nexMesh, Conical Mesh Coil.

Another state of the art and very colourful (with 38 colours to choose from!) pod system is the NORD Pod Kit. It is handy with a button designed to start the vaping experience as well as show the battery life, plus an e-liquid window in the pod. It is very powerful due to its 1100mAh battery capacity. It is armed with coils that allow one to get an enormous cloud and superb mouth to lung experience. These particular coils are the Nord Mesh 0.6ᘯ coil and Nord regular 1.4ᘯ coil.

Furthermore, the FETCH MINI is a very advanced and stylish model that one will definitely enjoy using. With its opulent glass with a hardness of 7, it is sleek and gives you a texture of gloss. Its weight is only 105 grams despite the 1200mh internal battery that it holds. An advantage of this mod is that the wattage is adjustable thanks to enhanced technology. The RPM pod and RPM Mesh 0.4ᘯ Coil, as well as the Nord pod and the Nord Regular 0.6ᘯ Coil, are both included in the kit. The pods and coils are interchangeable, allowing the vaper to use one or the other based on preference. An additional feature to this vape mod is that the coil lifespan is extended, sparing you of the tedious task of having to change coils on a regular basis.

Smok Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW Smok, Best Smok Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW Best Smok

But what really will catch your attention is the SMOK SPECIES 230W Vape Starter Kit. It is the second of its generation and offers you a wonderful vaping experience due to its combination of vaping and high technology. The sublime heroism is reflected due to its angular mod with hard lines. With its 1.45” upgraded interface and high-definition touch screen, it gives you a comprehensive and clearer vaping information, meanwhile, the domineering potential is revealed by the classic cobra pattern. It also has a screen locking button. Your demands of any kind can be met with 1W-230W output.  The newly developed TFV8 Baby V2 is what this starter kit uses, adopting two powerful coils, the Baby V2 A1 Coil which has a very big heating area, and the Baby V2 A2 Coil with its dual heating cores. This ensures the vaping fans’ enjoyment for a dense flavor and a massive cloud.

These are but a few of the top of the line vape mods that SMOK offers. But with the technology that we have available right now, the possibilities of making more high-end products are endless. Fortunately, SMOK does a great job of listening to the needs of their consumers and takes action to deliver.

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Why Choose SMOK Over Smoke

It is obvious that choosing SMOK is a better option than smoke. They pride themselves in giving customers a healthier and happier lifestyle with the alternatives to tobacco that they offer. As the saying goes, health is wealth. Happy is…simply happy. And they do not want Sydney residents to feel as if their health and happiness is taken away from them for a simple vape kit.

We at iVape.Sydney have a great deal of vaping kits that it seems almost impossible to choose which one is the best and the right one for you. But no matter, we are always here and available to help you out with all your vaping needs. Just click SHOP now or give us a ring at (02) 9597 4080 and we will get to you right away. You can also visit our website for more information about vaping.

Happy vaping!

*Vaping may be as harmful to your health as tobacco cigarettes, please conduct your own research & vape at your own risk.

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