E-Juice Suppliers Sydney NSW Sell You Legitimate Vape Juice

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Go for the real thing! With all the fake products in the market today, it is always wise to be knowledgeable in determining what is real.

Counterfeit products are stealthily manufactured as an exact imitation of an original product with the purpose to deceive or defraud for profit. They are normally of lower quality and do not meet the rigid standards required.

E Juice Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW E Juice, Vape Juice Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW Vape Juice

Even counterfeit vape juice has been in circulation lately. They contain ingredients of substandard quality, may have impurities and concentration or ratios that are not in accordance with the regulation.

Warning: Fake vape juice could be extremely dangerous. So make sure you get your vape juice from reliable e-juice suppliers in Sydney NSW.

How Counterfeit Vape Juice Can be Dangerous for You

1. Counterfeit Vape Juice can Compromise Your Health

    Counterfeit products typically are made up of unknown ingredients which are of poor quality and manufactured under suspicious standards of production. The substitutes in its components are not of pharmaceutical grade, additives and flavours are not documented and tested, the effects of which are completely unknown and can definitely jeopardize the health and well-being of the consumer. Needless to say, those manufacturers involved in the production of counterfeit vape juices are not reputable nor registered. They will not balk at the idea that their products may have various contaminants which may cause damaging effects that are impossible to anticipate. At the very least, fake vape juice will deprive you of a quality and satisfying vaping experience. Worse, allergies can result from ingredients being switched to cheaper ones. In addition, the inconsistencies in the concentration of the ingredients used could result in unwanted and mostly unknown adverse reactions in your body. Impurities that could easily be incorporated in the vape juice can also affect your health in different ways and to varying degrees. As a rule of thumb, anything inhaled or consumed should, without the least shadow of a doubt, be pure and authentic.

 2. Counterfeit Vape Juice can Damage Your Equipment or Hardware

     Low standard vape juice can heat intensely or burn faster and clog your equipment. And since they were not thoroughly tested, counterfeit vape juice can react with your hardware in a detrimental and unpredictable way.

 3. Counterfeit Vape Juice is a Potential Fire Hazard

      As counterfeit vape juice can burn faster, it can also adversely affect the wick and head of your equipment      resulting in a spark or explosion. 

How to Spot a Counterfeit Vape Juice

1. Price  

    “If it’s too good to be true then it probably is.” You get what you pay for, very cheap vape juice is most probably made with low-quality ingredients. When you notice that a vape juice price has been incredibly marked down, be wary.

2. Packaging and Labelling  

    Be suspicious of packages that look cheap, have dents, misaligned prints, and fading ink. More importantly, take note of the brand, go for those you have at least heard about, read some reviews on, or better yet, have tried before.

    There are legal requirements for the labelling of genuine products, make sure that they are accounted for in the label. Some of these are: a list of ingredients and their ratios, manufacturing information, bar code, warnings or other legal hazard markings, and certifications.

3. It is Best to ask Your Seller  

    A trustworthy seller will have a good knowledge of their products and can give you sound advice. 

4. How Does it Look, Smell or Taste?

    A genuine vape juice is typically clear, homogenous and free of clouds. It should not be too dark nor too light compared to product photos and advertisements. 

    Take a whiff and determine if its aroma is what it is supposed to be.

    The taste should be compatible with what the flavour is meant to be. Not too powerful, nor “barely there”. Counterfeit vape juice may taste too strong, too thin, or just plain funny.

5. Undesirable Side Effects  

     Fake vape juice can make you feel nauseous and sick.

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Best E-Juice Suppliers Give You E-Liquids That are True and Authentic

Essentially, if the vape juice is terribly cheap, the packaging and label seem off or incomplete, does not look, smell or taste right, and worse, have weird effects upon consumption, in all probability, you are dealing with low-quality, counterfeit vape juice.

It is always prudent to buy from a trusted seller who will not compromise their good name for some shady profit.

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“Vaping may be as harmful to your health as tobacco cigarettes, please conduct your own research and vape at your own risk”

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