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E-Juice for vaping in Sydney is the alternative to tobacco smoking. The dangers of tobacco smoking can never be overemphasized. The risk of acquiring tobacco-related diseases like cardiovascular disease, emphysema, diabetes and cancer of every type, among others, is devastatingly high. 

The decision to kick the habit is the best one you can make. Albeit the most difficult too. Withdrawal symptoms could be daunting and you may need some help getting through while curbing those cravings. 

E-Juice for Vaping and Their Rewarding Effects

E Juice Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW E Juice, Vape Juice Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW Vape Juice

Vaping, the motions of which are quite similar to the habit of tobacco smoking is a worthy aid in making transitioning from smoking less challenging and likely more successful. 

It is also necessary to recognize the changes your body will have to undergo, including the challenges you might encounter once you embark on your tobacco-free journey. 

Here is a rundown of what is to be expected within less than a year of quitting tobacco smoking:

After Twenty Minutes of Tobacco Smoking Cessation 

Carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke causes your blood vessels to constrict resulting in increased heart rate and blood pressure. But did you know that in just twenty minutes after your last cigarette, the diminished levels of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream will immediately bring your heart rate and blood pressure a notch towards healthier levels?

After Two Hours of Tobacco Smoking Cessation

At about this time your heart rate and blood pressure would have gone down to almost normal levels. Consequently, blood flow and distribution to most parts of your body (peripheral circulation) will have started to improve as well.

After Eight Hours of Tobacco Smoking Cessation

Blood carbon monoxide levels will have decreased by 50% as the oxygen levels in your blood will start to increase thus allowing more oxygen to reach your cells and tissues making for better organ function.

After Twelve Hours of Tobacco Smoking Cessation

Further decrease in the concentration of carbon monoxide in your blood enables your blood cells to effectively bond with oxygen, therefore, raising your blood oxygen levels to near normal.

After Twenty-Four Hours of Tobacco Smoking Cessation

It has been established that smokers have a 70% higher risk of suffering from a heart attack as compared to non-smokers. This is because tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide that causes reactive constriction of the blood vessels which can lead to a fatal heart attack. Smoking cessation will result in the dilatation of your blood vessels ultimately lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and basal body temperature to almost normal levels, accordingly reducing the risk of a heart attack.

After merely 24 hours after your last puff, carbon monoxide will have been almost completely eliminated from your body. Also, your lungs would have flushed out accumulated mucus and debris from previous regular tobacco smoke inhalation.

After Forty-Eight Hours of Tobacco Smoking Cessation

Tobacco smoke damages your nerve ending receptors, particularly that of the sense of smell and taste. However, these nerve endings in your nasal passages and tongue have the capability to heal and regrow after at least 48 hours of not smoking. Your sense of smell and taste improves, making it possible for you to appreciate more aromas and flavours.

After Three Days of Tobacco Smoking Cessation

By now, nicotine and carbon monoxide levels within your bloodstream would have been depleted. Also, the tar from tobacco smoke which clogs and irritates your bronchial tubes is starting to clear up allowing you to breathe more easily. 

The only downside of this phase is that nicotine withdrawal symptoms would be at its worst. You will most probably experience agitation, restlessness, nausea, abdominal cramping and other symptoms, but upon succeeding in overcoming these, you will find that the withdrawal symptoms will gradually subside.

After Two to Three Weeks of Tobacco Smoking Cessation

You will definitely notice that aside from better breathing, your energy level is boosted. You are now up to exercising and can participate in various physical activities that require endurance and stamina. This is because of better blood circulation as well as your lungs’ regenerative process taking place providing you with optimal lung capacity and performance.

It is also opportune that peak nicotine withdrawal symptoms would have abated by this time, although cigarette cravings may still persist. 

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During the First to the Ninth Month of Tobacco Smoking Cessation

There is a marked increase in lung function and performance, as your lungs significantly begin to heal and repair themselves. Accumulated debris from tobacco smoke has been completely cleared and you will observe a pronounced decrease in the occurrence of shortness of breath and fatigue.

Noteworthy too is the nearly total absence of nicotine withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

The advantages of kicking the tobacco habit are indisputable. And the great news is that the auspicious consequences are achieved even in just a few minutes. 

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Reading through this article might convince you to make the shift. And that is no wonder for the advantages of vaping really do outweigh those of smoking. So if you are ever wondering where to get vape in the first place, no need to worry, iVape.Sydney has got you covered! We have all the best deals for vaping kits and e-juices, you will never run out of choices! Shop Now or call us at (02) 9597 4080 and you will not regret a single purchase.

Happy vaping!

*Vaping may be as harmful to your health as tobacco cigarettes, please conduct your own research & vape at your own risk.

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