Can vaping help me quit smoking?*

Vaping VS Smoking sydney

Can vaping help you quit smoking? *

For many years, the effectiveness of vaping to help quit smoking has been a large topic of debate. Some people bow down to e-cigarettes, yet others despise them.

E-cigarettes are often regarded as being up to 95% less harmful than standard tobacco cigarettes. Hence, many Australians consider the best e-cigarettes in Sydney to be a smart replacement for the unhealthy smoker.

However, does vaping actually stop the cravings of tobacco? Will smoking an e-cigarette truly assist with quitting smoking? And, how does it manage to do all that?

Many people around the world believe of vaping less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. In fact, we have seen a number of smokers who have managed to give up smoking altogether with the assistance of an e-cigarette.

Don’t believe us? Here are three rational reasons why vaping can reduce your cigarette cravings and open the door to a healthier lifestyle.


     1- E-cigarettes have a far better taste.

There is no denying that vaping is a more enjoyable experience in terms of taste. Often, e-cigarettes have a fruity or sweet taste that is pleasurable to consume. It goes without mentioning that the milder taste will be less likely to have you coughing and spluttering.

The best e-cigarettes in Sydney will come in a variety of flavours so that you can continually try new and intriguing tangs. The excitement and diversity of vaping can often inspire smokers to ditch tobacco completely.

     2- Vaping is the perfect distraction.

Smokers are often drawn to cigarettes out of habit. Those who are stressed or overworked turn to cigarettes as means of getting a moment of peace or a break from work. Similarly, e-cigarettes can also provide people with an excuse to step outside and take a break.

Furthermore, the physical act of vaping is very similar to the act of smoking. Vaping means that smokers can attend to the physical aspect of their habit without actually putting harmful substances in their system.


    3- E-cigarettes are more socially accepted.

In the modern era, it is not uncommon for members of the public to stick up their nose at a cigarette smoker. Most smokers have experienced at least one awkward public ridicule for their actions. As the years go on, tobacco smoking is become less and less accepted in society.

However, vaping is less looked down upon by onlookers. In some cases, vaping is applauded because society views the individual as someone who is making the effort to stop smoking. Previous smokers enjoy engaging with an activity that is more socially accepted, and as a result they are motivated to eliminate tobacco smoking from their lives for good.


What is the harm in giving it a go?

Many e-cigarette users are testament to the fact that vaping can assist with quitting smoking. The reasons why it can reduce tobacco cravings are both logical and sensible.

The best e-cigarettes in Sydney are very affordable and enjoyable to use. Whether you want to go ‘cold-turkey’ on smoking or slowly introduce vaping into your lifestyle, there is no harm in giving e-cigarettes a try.

Particularly when used alongside other methods to quit smoking, vaping can be the ultimate solution to ending an unhealthy habit. To get started, take a look through our online vaping store and find an e-cigarette option that suits your needs.



*everything you read / watch on iVape.Sydney is general information, Vaping may harm you health as much as tobacco smoking, there is no clear medical / research evidence so far to suggest otherwise. iVape.Sydney advises you to do your own research and takes no responsibility for any harm to your health. Vape at your own risk.

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