Be Careful of Fake Vaping Devices Sold by E-Liquids Suppliers in Sydney NSW

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When buying vape devices from E-liquid Suppliers in Sydney NSW, it is always best to make sure that you are dealing with the legitimate ones. For sure, there are authentic sellers but always be wary for there are still many who would like to take advantage and sell fake devices. You may want to find cheap enjoyment but it will be at the cost of something much greater than your money spent.

E Liquids Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW E Liquids, Best E Liquids Sydney NSW, Sydney NSW Best E Liquids

Vendors on the streets can be very good at imitating objects that are “in”. These include sunglasses, bags, and even vaping products. If fake Prada, Versace, and Louis Vuitton have poor quality then fake vaping devices would be no different. These sellers are professional con artists, replicating or creating new brands that sell at very cheap prices, and they target those who want to be trendy yet would rather not buy from legitimate stores due to monetary reasons.

The Cardinal Rules in Purchasing Authentic Devices by E-Liquid Suppliers

  • Always check the price first. If it is too cheap then it could be too good to be true. Yes, there are good deals out there but always be mindful that there could be a catch.
  • Look for vendors who are authorized and reliable. Find sellers showing off their certificate of authenticity. That is one way of verifying that you are dealing with someone legit. You can also do a bit of research on the shop before going to them.
  • Be upfront, ask the seller if they are selling legitimate devices. Will they give a refund if anything goes wrong? If they answer with less than 100% do not take the risk. Authentic sellers will not shy away from you when you talk to them.

How to Deal With Counterfeit Devices

So you have gotten a vape device but notice that, as you check the package and all, there are some typos or a mismatched colouring, or anything off, you may need to think twice about continuing to use that certain product.

There is something called the authenticity code. You may be able to check with the manufacturers if your e-cigarette is legitimate or not for this has a unique identity. If the product you have received does not match with the manufacturer’s findings, the e-cig is a fake. Be careful still, for the packaging and authenticity code may be directly copied. Those are called clones and you will see the effects in the next paragraph. If you do buy a clone, the price may be the best indicator whether it is real or not.

Some vapers do not mind fake e-cigs all because it is cheap even though it does not last. A very low price should not be the determinant of why you should use imitations. In fact, there is no reason as to why you should start using them at all.

Once you realize that you have a fake device, instead of using it because you feel bad about your money going to waste, it is most wise to just throw it away. Do not risk your life for a small amount of money. You would not want to be blown up or caught on fire, some may even lead to metal gas inhalation because of its cheap components, or release toxins in the body due to quick burning of the e-juice. Never mind asking for a refund, you will just be going down a long and terrible ride.

This may seem scary to you but there are hundreds of thousands of fake e-cigarettes that are being manufactured around the globe. This is alarming because of the potential dangers it poses to the vaping community. Unfortunately, at this rate, the exact amount of e-cigarettes that are fake in the world cannot be determined.

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Be Safe, Be Secure with the E-Liquid Suppliers Devices

Spot the difference between an authentic vape device and a fake one. The performance of the fake vape product will definitely take a toll on the experience you will be getting. You do not feel good while vaping? Most probably, you are not getting the right materials from the right shop.

One of the surest ways of securing only authentic products is to buy from stores that already have an established name. And one of those is iVape.Sydney the best vape shop in Sydney NSW!

Our devices are of high quality and are very legitimate. We cannot stress enough that our products are only made by the best for the best. Our endless supply of vaping products and e-liquids will keep you happy.

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Happy vaping!

“Vaping may be as harmful to your health as tobacco cigarettes. Please conduct your own research and vape at your own risk”

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