Battery safety tips

1. Do not leave vape or battery charging unattended.

It’s also important not to leave them charging overnight or for more than required. Remove them from charge as soon as they are fully charged.

2. Dented batteries or tears in wrap are dangerous.

Even if the dent or tear looks superficial, we recommend immediate replacement of any dented battery or re-wrapping to cover any tears.

3. Replace old batteries.

Our rule of thumb is to replace any battery that has been used for more than 12 months.

4. Marry batteries.

If a device requires two batteries. they must be identical in age, mAh, amps etc. It is important that they equally charge and drain for maximum safety in use.

5. Be gentle with batteries.

Some vapers choose to remove and externally charge batteries. This is fine as long as you are careful with handling so as not to damage the battery or its wrap.

6. Do not leave batteries or vapes in the car.

Lithium-ion batteries don’t like to be overheated. So we recommend storing them in a cool place and definitely not leaving them in a hot car or in the sun.

These are just some of the main battery safety suggestions but we strongly recommend your customers look into battery safety, especially if they are into mechanical mods or advanced coils. It could save someone’s life.

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